Beware! Read it before you go for these Penis Enlargement Techniques

The size of the penis has always been a bone of contention for men all around the world. Interestingly, research studies show that most of the men have normal sized penises, and that these men should consult a health professional before surrendering their beast to ineffective and, not to forget to mention, expensive penis enlargement treatments.


If you or any of your male friend or partner is contemplating a penis enlargement technique then this article is worth reading.


Vacuum devices

penis-vacuum-deviceA penis enlargement pump works by placing a tube over the penis and slowly pumping out all the air to create a vacuum. As soon as the vacuum increases, air is immediately pumped out of the cylinder surrounding the penis. The vacuum helps in drawing blood into the penis. Mostly, vacuum devices are employed in cases of impotency.

Unfortunately, there is very little evidence available to prove its effectiveness. Vacuum device does not have any proven long term gain in penis size proofs. The technique, of course, comes with few restrictions. For instance, there is a limit to how much expansion is possible with the help of vacuum devices.

Moreover, there are a quite a few risks too involved in this technique.


One of the biggest risks involved in this particular technique is risk of injuring the penis. Injuring penis at the cost of increasing its size is a call that you must be prepared to take. Many a times, men would make a mistake of applying a lot of pressure on the penis or pump for too long in order to speed up the gains. Now over-pumping may lead to ruptured capillaries and blood vessels, causing large ugly bruises on the penile shaft.

In severe cases, men may even develop Peyronie’s Disease, resulting into permanent impotency.

Some penis pumps have received FDA approved certificates; however, the certification is for treating impotency and not for increasing penis size. Believing that vacuum pumps are all clinically proven and will offer you successful penis enlargement will disappoint you.


penish-extenderIn Penile extender technique, you place a weight or a small extendable frame also known as traction device, on the flaccid penis to stretch it. But, remember, there is no clinical research or evidence that proves that penile extenders help in extending the penis. In fact, they may cause a permanent damage to the penis. And, like vacuum device technique, extenders too have risks involved.


In penile extenders, the main danger is the cutting off the blood flow to the head of the penis. Worst so; you will not immediately come to know about the cut off in the circulation since you will not feel any major discomfort or pain in the body or in your penis. Even there is little discomfort you are likely to ignore it. However, ignoring will harm you and may even lead to amputation of the penis.

Using an extender for longer duration will deprive the cells from needed oxygen, which leads to death of tissues. Once these tissues die, amputation is inevitable.

Considering the number and intensity of risks involved in penile extender techniques, it is not worth taking the risk.

Penis Lengthening Surgery

surgery-penisYour penis is connected to your pelvis with the help of a tough fiber known as the suspension ligament. These ligaments play a pivotal role in holding the penis back to the pubic bone inside the body. In penis lengthening surgery, you cut the ligament, which in return helps in releasing the tension, and outwardly more of the penis shaft is visible. This particular surgery helps in straightening the internal arch of the penile shaft resulting into more visibility of the penis on the outside.

Medical studies have been conducted on studying the effectiveness of penile lengthening surgery. Most of these studies have reported a minimal level of patient satisfaction. Besides, the surgery also has several drawbacks.


Here in the penis lengthening surgery, the ligament has been severed, which means the penis is no longer tightly secured with the body. The problem with this, however, is that the penis is likely to slip and shift at the time of sex, which may lead to minor penis-related injuries.

Some patients have even complained of losing the right angle of erections. This means, instead of pointing upwards, their erections point straight ahead, and even worst when it starts pointing downwards.

Sometimes, augmentation goes wrong and your penis can go shorter instead of longer. Infections, decrease in sensations and impotence are some of the known risks that you would be dealing once the surgery is done.

Penile enlargement surgery is a cosmetic surgery costing thousands of dollars, which, by the way, is not covered in insurance.

If American Urological Association is to be believed then a penis enlargement surgery is not effective and not proven safe. Many surgeons believed that there is still not any proven, safer and effective way to enlarge penis.

Final Thoughts

Most of the times, the penis just looks small but isn’t in reality. Coming to think of it, perhaps your penis is immensely buried in your stomach fat. Being overweight can actually make your penis look smaller than its real size. So the key suggestion here is to ask you to lose weight and not really go through expensive penis enlargement techniques.